Saturday, February 25, 2012


I have decided to delete all of my previous posts. Not that it makes much of a difference due to my lack of interest in my blog as of the last few months. I think i will start fresh less focus on debates and questions. I will steer my focus less on other and use this as more or less a diary of thoughts of my own. Don't get me wrong, i know my opinions and thoughts me nothing to the world or even you. But writing in a blog gives a sense of purpose to what you write. The idea of someone some where just might read it, does in fact i feel make a difference of the perspective in which a person views what they are writing. We social by nature, its human.

Though to be honest, i find my self to lacking in the social department. I find the stress of social pressures push me away. And oddly i prefer it that way. I guess you can say i am the master of acquaintances. I am like every other human i do need social interactions and out side of my lil family i find it best to have friends that when that when i do feel the need to go out and have fun, they are available. I find my self wrapped up constantly in whatever or where ever my interest have lead me. Of presently i have been looking in to the dna of people, evolution, and social functioning of an individual and linking it as a mass in social interactions.